Writing Analysis: online spelling and grammar checkers and text diagnostics

There are a number of sites that will check both your spelling and grammar that are similar to the French "Antidote" program:

Service Comments
Virtual Writing Tutor Virtual Writing Tutor allows students to copy and paste a text that they have written into a window and receive feedback on it from an automated corrector. Remedial links are also provided, based on errors that the student made.
Spell Check Plus  Yet another site, SpellCheckPlus offers to check grammar for free. 
Spell Checker  Another site, SpellChecker, provides a similar service to SpellCheckPlus.  You may wish to compare sites to see which one better meets your needs. 
Language Tool LanguageTool is an open-source grammar and spell-checking tool. 
Grammarly  This seems like a very professional service.
Espresso Expresso is a practical tool to analyze, edit and compare text styles in English. This tool provides authors with an analysis of their text via metrics.

Caution: like Microsoft Word and Google Docs, these sites cannot find all errors.


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